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Do You Have Clear Vision For 2020?

Even though we still have less than 2 months left in the year 2019, it's a good idea to step back and evaluate your operations for the year.

What can you improve upon for next year? Figure out what your weaknesses were and get a game plan to be better next year! Or tomorrow!

Here's a list of items for you to concentrate on and see if there's room for improvement.

Check Your Authority Status

When was the last time you went online and checked your authority status with the FMCSA and Safer.

This should be a weekly task to stay on top of your driver's inspection records, safety score, and insurance filings. It's all available online 24/7!

You must check both systems to get a clear picture of your account.

  • Safer:

  • Licensing & Insurance:

2020 UCR Filing Has Been Delayed

The UCR annual filing has been delayed for a 3rd year in a row. There's no need to worry about this permit right now. If it's anything like last year they will probably open up the renewal season in January and you will have 3 months to get it filed.

I've noticed that there are other companies telling you to "pre-register". THIS IS NOT NECESSARY! You are only lining their pockets today. This does not benefit you at all. There is plenty of time to file this when the government makes it available.

Renew Mileage Tax/IRP

Check your permit book and go through each one and check one carefully. NM, OR and NY may need renewed. KY is ongoing as long as your account is current. VIN numbers are required for each vehicle.

If you don't have any of these permits and need one click here to order:

Different states have different IRP expiration dates. Check each cab card carefully and contact your state if you need to renew them.

Are you saving money on fuel? Are you factoring?

We have an amazing fuel card that can save you some serious money!

Factoring is a great way to keep the cash flowing in your business. It may only take 1 unpaid invoice to hurt the wallet.

Complete this request form: and our agent will be in contact with you to help you save money!

Are you managing your DOT Compliance effectively?

We have several types of programs to help you manage your DOT compliance items. Check out our online programs if you're the type who likes to have hands on each piece.

Or do you prefer a personal agent to handle your safety management files? If you are overwhelmed with all of details you may need to ask for help. Request a consultation with our safety director:

Download an Interstate Permit Checklist and get organized for 2020!

Sign up for an online 1-hour private consultation

We can also provide a 1-hour private consultation to help you get on track and connected with the right companies.

We wish you a Happy Successful New Year here in November 2019!


Penni Royston, Owner

Evilsizor & Associates