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2 Ways To Track Your IFTA Mileage

With new technology literally in our hands through cell phones there are new challenges to overcome when it comes to filing your IFTA returns.


Many people are using the phone app KeepTruckin and I love it too! However, if you are using this to aid in your fuel taxes here's a few tweaks you might want to consider to be IFTA compliant.

Use this app to the fullest! Enter all the information you can!

  • Origin & Destination of the trip

  • Odometer readings: 2 each day...beginning of your day's drive and the ending odometer reading at the end of the day

  • Driving Locations: Be sure this is listed. If the GPS is not working due to lack of WiFi manually enter it in the app.

  • Fuel Stop: Enter the gallons purchased and state purchased in the NOTES section

  • Documents: Take pictures of your documents along the way. i.e, fuel receipts, bills of lading, maintenance receipts, etc.

KeepTruckin App

Keeping up with this information daily helps you compile the data needed to file IFTA.

IFTA mileage is based on where the TRUCK travels, not the DRIVER.

If your drivers switch trucks this is not a good method to use unless you have the fancier ELD version that can extract the state date by truck.

This is where everyone gets confused.

  • Logs are based on the driver.

  • IFTA is based on the truck.

So for small trucking companies where the same driver drives the same truck then the KeepTruckin app works great provided the driver enters the information required to calculate IFTA returns.

However you will still need to calculate the miles per state using an online program with a mileage calculator built in.

Our fuel tax service will do just that. Provide us with your single truck/driver's logs and we can enter the data into our system and create a trip sheet with the correct data as IFTA requires.

We notice that many logs are missing key pieces of information like odometer readings, origin and destination of the trip and even locations of the stops they make during the trip.

If your drivers switch trucks a lot this method is confusing and the data is often incorrect. Then I would suggest filling out a trip sheet either using a paper form or an online program like

For the do-it-yourselfers this is a great program.

Each driver could log in and enter their trip making sure there are no gaps between the odometer readings. This is where people get nailed in an audit!

I admit trip sheets are a bit old school but it works! Remember...trip sheets are assigned to the TRUCK not the driver. This is how IFTA wants the mileage to be calculated.

Ask yourself these questions to see which method works best to stay IFTA compliant.

  • Team driving? Use trip sheets!

  • Drivers who switch trucks often? Use trip sheets!

  • Single driver driving the same truck? KeepTruckin app will work fine provided the proper information is entered in the app

ELDs are coming and many of you are already using this amazing technology. The issue do we integrate this technology into old school programs like IFTA?


I encourage you to check out the new technology like the KeepTrucking phone app. Call them and find out what technology works best for your type of operations. Remember to inquire about how it can help you with extracting the proper data for IFTA filings especially if your drivers switch trucks.

Download this trip sheet if you would rather go that route and complete one for each trip the truck makes even if it's a few days. Be sure you transfer the ending odometer of the current trip to the beginning odometer of the next trip. Missing miles = paying more taxes! Missing miles is also what auditors look for first!

Still confused? Call me and let's chat what method would be best for you? We want to help you lighten your paperwork load with the best solution.

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