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You've just applied for what?

This is the million dollar question. So many people think that if you've been assigned a USDOT and and MC number you are good to go. Think again.

Before you dive into this information...BREATHE! I know you're anxious to get on the road but understanding the timeline is half the battle. Ready?

It takes a MINIMUM of 3 weeks to get your authority granted by the FMCSA. Everyone goes through the same process and there is no way to speed it up.

Here's the time line to receive your authority in 3 weeks...

  • Day 1: Apply for authority

  • Day 1: File your BOC-3 & UCR

  • Day 10-14: Bind insurance policy & file required insurance/bond [find an agent]

  • Day 22: Authority should be ready for activation by the FMCSA

The FMCSA will issue you a paper authority letter as proof of your authority. You will need to keep this letter in your records as well as a copy in each truck.

If you wish to obtain a copy of the authority letter the morning it activates you may request it on the BOC-3 order form from us when you file your BOC. We'll monitor your account until activation.

Within this 3 week waiting period I recommend you get these items in place.

Once your authority is active then you can file for your IRP Tags with your base state, IFTA & Mileage Tax Permits* & 2290** if your truck weight qualifies.

*IFTA = over 26,000 GVW

* KY = over 59,999 GVW

* NM = over 26,000 GVW

* NY = over 18,000 GVW

* OR = over 26,000 GVW

** 2290 = 55,000 GVW +

Download this Interstate Checklist to help you build your permit book for each truck.


Let me know if you have any questions. I'm here to take the fear out of the process to get you on the road. That's where you make money!

Speaking of making money... Consider checking into factoring to keep the cash flowing. Read more about factoring below.

One final note...get organized. Think about your audit. Will you be ready? We can help!

Call me if you have any questions my number is 303-482-2965.

Penni Royston

Owner of Evilsizor & Associates

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