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What is the UCR?

I get asked this question every day. UCR is an acronym which stands for Unified Carrier Registration.

If you've been in the transportation industry for a while...remember the BINGO card? I know I'm going waaaay the 1990s!

The UCR permit is a generational permit beginning with the BINGO card.

Then the BINGO card was replaced with Single State Registration where you paid a fee for the states you wanted to travel through but registered with your base state.

Then Single State Registration System [SSRS] was replaced with the UCR permit about 10 years ago.

It has simplified in nature and somewhat cheaper. Instead of applying for each individual state for each truck it's now a blanket permit where fees are charged by a matrix.

The fees for a broker is a $76 flat fee.

The state fee structure for INTERstate motor carriers are...

  • $76 for 0-2 vehicles

  • $227 for 3-5 vehicles

  • $453 for 6-20 vehicles

  • $1576 for 21-100 vehicles

  • $73,346 for 1001 or more vehicles [like FedEx for example]

The number of vehicles is based off of what you enter on your DOT record [MCS-150]. It's important to keep this information current.

INTRAstate motor carriers are not counted in this calculation but be sure you have a list in your files.

This is an annual permit and expires 12/31 of each year. Unfortunately there is no grace period. If you opened your DOT account 12/29 you must file for a full year of the current year in addition to the next year.

Be sure you file this permit annually and keep a copy in each of your truck's permit book.

I remember a situation where a company didn't file for the UCR, got stopped at the Oklahoma border and was fined $400 and then shut down until they filed the permit. Yikes!

This permit is basically filing your authority with your base state. Yes, it's another layer of tax. The fees acquired by UCR are used by the states to support its safety programs and USDOT officer training.

Give us a call and we can check to see if you're current with this filing. Or you may go ahead and order here...

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