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Why your docket pin is important right now?

It's no secret that the FMCSA is experiencing technical issues right now.

I even wrote a blog post about it a while what I wrote:

The FMCSA is still experiencing technical issues and is running about 2-3 weeks behind right now. If you don't have 2-3 weeks to wait on them I recommend you go ahead and order your Docket PIN now.

You should have 2 PIN numbers in your files.

  1. One for your USDOT records - DOT PIN, and one for your

  2. MC record - DOCKET PIN.

Most people have their DOT pin because it's easy to obtain. You can often receive it via email. The Docket PIN is another story.

I find that most carriers do not have their Docket PIN. Why? Because you have to order it on your own. No one will remind you to take care of this task.

It's not a requirement to obtain your Docket PIN but it's a really good idea!

It is simple to order but the Docket PIN can only be mailed by snail mail to the address online with the FMCSA. Can't really explain why, it's the only option.

What's the purpose of a Docket PIN? Maintenance changes!

Now that the FMCSA is weeks behind in their processing it's more important than ever to order your Docket PIN.

So here's your homework...

Once you see this screen and you are NOT and existing Mexican motor carrier or Broker Only company click the YES button on the right.

Go through the prompts to make your request.

Please be aware it could take up to 7-10 days to receive your Docket PIN but once you finally have it in your possession then most maintenance updates to your MC number can be handled online.

This PIN is especially helpful when you want to perform and address and/or name changes online without having to wait on an FMCSA agent to manually process the request.

There is a technical requirement to overcome. To order the Docket PIN you must use Internet Explorer on a Windows machine. It's stupid, I know but it's the only way to order it online.

I'm a Mac office but purchased a Windows desktop so we have the option of ordering it in our office. Believe me I've tried every browser available but only the old Internet Explorer works. Not even the new Windows Edge browser works. We're talking dark ages here!

The other way is to send your request in from this FMCSA web site.

Keep your PINs in a safe place in your office. You may need them if you are in a bind one day.

This process should only take you about 5 minutes and it won't cost you a thing.'s not a requirement but it's a good idea to have both PINs in your possession if you are a motor carrier. Mexican Carriers and Brokers Only cannot use this option as they are not issued a Docket PIN.

by Penni Royston