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Don't go through the audit alone!

Every new carrier will go through a New Entrant audit which usually occurs within the first year of your operations.

You will receive a letter, either by email or snail mail, requesting certain documents.

I will personally assist you through this process as your representative and will work with the auditor ensuring all documents are submitted as requested in the time allotted.


FIRST: Download this Audit Checklist [pdf]

Our service is different because we provide you with this online help center helping you understand what is needed in the audit.

This system removes the initial overwhelm and breaks it down into steps within each module.

Go through the help center a step at a time. Call or email me with any questions that may arise. I'm here for you!

You can even upload your documents right inside the help center and they will come directly to me!

Just remember...we have limited time to gather these documents so the earlier you prep the better!

Even if you haven't received your letter yet it's a great time to get your systems in place now! Then when you receive your letter you'll be ready!

Let's get started!